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I bought a camera recently a sony Model: DSC-T77.The first few pictures that I took had blobs on the picture that I totally ignored. Few months later I came across a blog named “can you explain this photograph”.It was all about ghosts and UFO’s, aliens, and some pictures were quiet spooky although most of them could have been fake but it was fun lookin at all those photographs trying to spot the ghost. There was this one pic, it looked quite normal, at least I couldn find anythin spooky. When I read the article the author was talking about the blobs on the pic and that she believed they were spirits. I literally jumped off my chair. The blobs that I ignored were actually famous there were theories and books written about them.


It was then that I realized that these artifacts were called orbs. These orbs have a scientific explanation to it and a paranormal one too but since I came across the latter first, I was so terrified.


Many people believe that orbs are the manifestation of spirits n that it’s an energy emitted from a spirit, also considered as snap shots of the past and linked to spiritual presences. They have been reported to be captured in haunted places. They are a mystery since no proved explanation exists to explain this phenomenon which makes this spookier. Some psychic’s believe that there’s a face inside an orb. Although my orb sadly looks more like a porcupine fish


well anyways, it is also said that the larger orbs like the pic above (to the right of my forehead) are believed to be cosmic doorways – doorways that help humanity to travel into other dimensions. The orbs are believed to increase in number where there are high energy vibrations which could open up the Cosmic doorways and people could actually have a glimpse into the past or the future…brrr..On the other hand, scientists believe that these orbs are actually out of focus particles of dust that are illuminated by the flash. I just didn want to believe the scientific explanation to this one so I asked myself why is it that dust is captured only farther away from the lens since dust is everywhere ? And unfortunately I found a logical explanation to that one too which is clearly depicted in the diagram below. The greater numbers of orbs are captured when the subject or the object you are capturing is further away from you. They are also said to be internal reflections on the camera lens.


This kinda calmed me down, though I was slightly disappointed.. Cause I was soo excited that I have a spirit on me :D. Since it is my choice to believe wat I want to, I would say I have a cute little Porcupine’s spirit lookin out for me. It’s a more exciting thought then dust and flash..



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I’ve been watchin a lot of movies lately n Iv watched Thrillers, Drama, Action… Some movies were fun to watch and some were absolutely disappointing, and some movies made me think.

Milk was one o those many movies. I’ve never watched Sean Penn before but he is a brilliant actor. After watching this one I decided I will never make a gay joke again. Often we tend to overlook the fact that no matter how different a human is, he/she is no different from the rest of us. It takes so much power to be the people that they are while the rest of the world wants to shun them and treat them like they are diseased. These people are the real heroes.


Monster, starring Charlize Theron.. If you have not watched this one yet then you must. Charlize Theron is such a pretty woman and yet her look in the movie is quite the opposite and she’s done an awesome job. This movie is based on a true life story, bout a women who turns into a prostitute at the age of 13 and how she ends up murdering people to survive. After watching this movie I felt so ashamed of having such a secure life and living in a safe cocoon all my life out of harm’s way,when there are girls out there all over the world fightin and strugglin only to live. I mean when we are kids we are taught to share candies and food in school but only to grow up and have all the candy for yourself only cause you’ve got the money for it. I know it doesn sound practical if I say I wish everybody could just go out on the streets and give out money. But … For all of us who grew up in well to do families…we turn a blind eye to all those people who are dying out there. I confess that I have at some point in my life looked down on these people. I always thought they are just too lethargic to do anything useful and they just want easy money. It’s the circumstances that turn a person into a prostitute, a drug dealer, a murderer and some way or the other we are responsible for it.

Movies like these make me wonder if there is enough humanity left to wipe out hatred or will hatred wipe us off this planet?


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A few of those moments from teli series and movies that give me a tingling sensation and make me happy.

For all those guys out there who are wondering wat makes a girl fall in love.I advice you to pick up a guitar and learn to sing, you will have girls  salivating at your feet.. well cant say it  works for all the girls out there but ya for most of us it works like magic..


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Best Friends!!


Best friends are like angels sent by god at moments of despair. They are the most fun people to hang out with and you always want to be around them. You know that no matter what you say, your best friend will never judge you. You can be you without any qualms.

But the lesson learnt by me would be to stop expecting too much from your friends. Since by the end of the day they are still people who have to live their own lives and deal with all the crap that life throws at them. So, I’ve realized that we should try n deal with tough times all by ourselves and not depend on others. You are your own best friend.

Since a best friend is a human, and since no human is perfect, they might end up disappointing you sometimes…As I said previously it’s hard and almost impossible to be a perfect human, and hence, the same people who make you happy can cause sorrow.

No matter what best friends are  still the most precious people ever!!


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Indian Weddings


Its one big celebration and a gigantic party. A celebration of love and the beginning of a new life. No party can have music, dance, food, love, family, and friends together. They are so much fun. A bride loves her wedding cause she is the star of the day. She is always the prettiest of the whole lot and that’s probably why girls rave about weddings. Reminds me of this one episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Monica has this whole catalog for her wedding. Every girl plan’s for her wedding right from her childhood. Its the best of wat girls like, clothes (ghagra cholis,sarees ) , the attention ,  music and  dance. I wonder wat the bridegroom thinks of the whole big party.

Indian weddings stand up to the name ‘Big Fat Indian wedding’ that goes on for a whole week.The best of these 7 day celebrations are certainly the mehindi, sangeet and the D day

Mehindi- I loove mehindi. The whole concept of mehindi signifying the strength of love is so romantic. tabla3Darker the mehindi, stronger the love 🙂

Sangeet-This is the brides party. Music and dance is the theme of this party. Dancing to choreographed Hindi Movie songs is the best. The bride and groom’s dance always always brings tears to my eyes (the hopeless romantic that I’ am)

**At my cousins sangeet(the video is not broken just give it some time)

Wedding-Nothin beats this one. Even if it goes on for hours I love sitting through the whole ceremony.The pot n ring game that  the bride and groom play, family members teasing the groom, pictures…  rings1all of this make the definition of fun for me. Its always fun watchin the groom through out, he has love written all over his face and its the most precious moment ever.

Post wedding party-Mostly music dance and food. But I prefer sittin back and watching people dance. You can see different kinds of dancers .The most common of the lot are the voodoo dancers–hands wriggling over their heads and funny pelvic thrusts… Funny bottom shakers-I swear they were born with springs on their feet they look like they are hopping around like tigger and their bottoms sway like crazy it’s like they are makin semicircles in the air… and finally the Bhangra murderers—Its the simplest move ever, but they make it look like they are being electrocuted… 😀 Though I love laughin at their attempts at dancing its the celebration of joy that moves me.

Although planning this gigantic celebration is a tedious job its all worthit.. anything for love and happiness!!


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Low waist jeans, flashy bright tees, a cap worn back side front, and a sutta in the left hand…step out and ul find millions of these. A girl walks by and ul hear a wistle or ‘offoo’ or ‘kya potti hai re baap’…I’m sure they think their making a style statement. Every time that happens I just wish I could knock their teeth out. But that sutta in their hand calms me down… they’ll die a painful death anyways.

I find smoking really annoying. I wonder why people need to try it in the first place. Its like people are making their death wish.It’s the most painful way to die I’m sure.I know I must be sounding like a man hater or whatever but I had to write about this cause it really bothers me.Iv noticed that a guys whole body language and attitude changes the minute that spiteful thing touches hislips. They exude this ‘oh I’m so cool attitude’, when in fact they look like a machine that’s broke and is coughing outsmoke, or like the back of a car.

The number of excuses they come up with are so hilarious.. .’.I smoke cause I want to’,’ I know it’s bad but I’m planning on quitting sometime next month’,’ this is the only way I can deal with my break up’,’ I smoke only when I go into this self destructive mode’ la la la la…

Statuary warning: Never Never snatch a smokers cigarette cause it only looks fun in the movies but in real life you’ll see the smoker turn into this murderous monster. I’ve actually done that a couple of times and people said these really nasty things to me. Don’t even think of messing with the lighter or the match box it has the same effect, and don’t argue about why they have to stop cause their defensive mode turns on big time and it will turn into a personal attack. Cigarettes are like monsters in tiny packs.


There’s not one but a gazillion things that can go wrong. There’s no denying that most of us lead a sedentary life, and with all the junk food that we treat ourselves to, smoking only worsens the outcome of our lifestyle. Ur lungs rot like literally. Emphysema causes frequent attacks of bronchitis. And the most dreadful symptom of all is the decreased blood flow to ur limbs causing gangrene(tissue rots like on dead bodies)the only treatment is amputation. As if we don’t inhale enough toxins everyday of our life why add to the mess. It drains energy…carbon monoxide takes away all the oxygen that is needed by your brain, muscles and body,and of course u might be victimized by the worst debilitating disease ever– cancer. These symptoms mostly show up in the middle age,hence sadly giving the young smoker a false feeling of well being.Why would you want to die gasping for breath .I really wonder why people can’t say NO to something that takes your life.

If committing suicide is a crime then why not smoking?


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Go Fish!!


Girls..Im sure you agree that guys can be such a pain when they get all needy and go hunting for girls literally.They dont mind coming up with these really ‘oh my god I wish I was dead’ cheesy lines…The most famous and dreaded one being “I want to make a friendship with you” the other infamous ones are “Is that a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.” Or “I seem to have lost my phone number–can I have yours?” brrrr…jeepers creepers.. I would love to see that guys brains bein sucked out.. I mean come on please…

So I thought wat about a list of ‘go fish’ techniques when they come on really strong and say  “we must be boyfriend girlfriend I want to make a love with you” Kinda thing

First kind-If you think the guy has this king sized ego ….

1)Ohhh!!Im sorry I really like you see theres no SPARK between us it wont work.

2)Oh Im sorry Im engaged to be married (this is for the naggy butt ugly ones)

3)awww!! thats so sweet but No… ‘Its not you, its  me'(Iv actually said this once and I meant it..But this had to make the list cause this is quiet famous)

4)No I dont want to be in a relationship (this might not work at a go but even if he goes on and on..gather all your sad thoughts and use the ulimate girl power, weep or if you have it in you start bawling it will work awesome especially if in public places)

Second kind-Kinda risky if the guy is a psychopath but fun

1)If your sittin in a restaurant let the waiter fill your glass and when its time… splash water right on the monsters face and storm out(My fav)

2)Just act like u getting all nauseous

3)Grab his neck and give him a blow-southend

4)One tight slap right across his face-done a trillion times but it could help him get outta his la la la land and back to reality

Don’t ever say …

1)Ghar pe maa behen nai hai kya- cause that ones been around for a century now and they already have a cheesy retort to that one.

2)DON’T GIGGLE-makes things worse

3)Don’t say I wish I could but I can’t

Isn it funny how its always the funny looking guys who seem all desperate… I mean what are the rest upto… hmmmph!!

A desperate guy is a BIG turn off.. so guys tune it down a little.. you might actually get lucky that way.


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