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The Shoe Throwers!!

Its a shame, how we learn such wrong doings from the outside world and we learn zilch about what to do to help our country  develop further. Why don’t we learn to keep our country neat like other countries do?, why do we succumb to corruption when we know that even if it does help us to get our work done it still impedes the development of our country? But NO, we learn to beat up couples on Valentine’s day, from cowards striving to rule the world imposing the Sharia Law and punishing people for “uncultured acts”.. we learn to throw shoes at our leaders since a journalist becomes famous for what he did…


Muntadar al-Zaidi an Iraqi journalist hurls a shoe at George W Bush and hence setting a chain of other shoe throwing incidents. Within few minutes there were games up on the net… bush shoe game, bush shoe attack game, bush shoe hit game, bush shoe game download. And Muntadar al-Zaidi was worshiped and was famous overnight. He has been jailed for 3 years.


Consequences : Shoe attack on P.Chidambaram, because a sikh Journalist was upset Jagdish Tytler was given a clean chit by the CBI ( well Jagdish tytler was dropped as a congress candidate and Mr. Singh walks away with no punishment) and now people think it’s a joke. A retd school teacher throws a shoe at cong MP in Haryana. There was no reason behind this attack and hence the man was labeled mentally deranged and he gets away with it. A “mentally disturbed” local party worker hurls a shoe at L.K.Advani , and on April 26th an engineering student hurls a shoe at Manmohan Singh cause he claims he wanted his five minutes of fame.

It’s sad that we do nothing to stop such shameful acts. Most of our leaders could be corrupt and could have made blunders at some point in their service, that doesn’t mean we need to throw shoes at them. Leaders like L.K Advani , P.Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh are still respectable leaders who work for our country. I hope India is more concerned about incidents like these, then being ‘o so upset’ about IPL matches being conducted in South Africa.



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