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Message of love!

“Don’t Be Ruffled If Now And Then You Get A Brush From The World

It Will Be Over In No Time,And Everything Will Be All Right”

Dear Friends,

I know the tough and stressful times that all of us go through.Sometimes it seems like all the doors to happiness are shut and you might never find happiness.All of us go through that phase at some point in our lives.

At times like these,all we need to tell ourselves is that “I’m going to be strong”.If you can’t find that strength in you than look around, you can certainly find that support and strength from your friends and your loved ones.Don’t ever clamp up and say I’m going to deal with this problem my way.You’ve got nothing to loose if you take advice from your friends or family.I agree, their advice sometimes may not make you feel any better, but its all worth it.

Every person on the face of this earth is special.You mean so much to so many people and you touch so many lives .If you need help,I’m sure you’ll find at least one person who will be willing to help, no matter what.All you have to do is give that person an opportunity to help you.

There is no problem in this world that you cannot deal with.You have a problem than share it,it makes you feel lighter.But don’t ever think of taking drastic steps like ending your life.IT IS NOT WORTH IT ! Nobody has the right to snuff out a life even if it is your own.You take away happiness from so many people which is not fair at all.

STAND UP AND FIGHT!!You don’t search for a rainbow of hope you make it!!

Love you tons,


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We’ll Miss You!!

Life is quiet unpredictable.. and nobody likes it that way.. but we accept it the way it is. The fact that everybody and everything around you is temporary is unsettling but we just choose not to put in too much thought into it. Its only when you lose a friend or a loved one is when the thought surfaces.

Poonam was the only girl in coll who was as crazy as I…It was always fun to sit and talk to her. What did I know that she would leave us so early and so young. I didn’t know much about her. The only poonam I knew was always cheerful and always had a smile on her face.

I hope her soul finds peace and happiness!! We all love you poonam and we’ll miss you!

P.s-if you have a memory  that you want to share  or a prayer for poonam.please write in the comment column.The least we can do is remember our friend!


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