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I would like to change…


Indian education system- An Indian student learns to work really hard… we learn to break our backs ,sit up all night to memorize what we need to vomit out the next day.I bet, half the students(or more) out of the lot cant retain  information that they have written essays on.We are given 10 years to decide on what career we would like to take up..very few  students know what they want, but what about the rest?.. I mean, by then we probably don’t even know how important it is for us to make the right choice.So here we are after 10 years of grueling nights of cramming information .. we are clueless as to what we want and hence our parents make the decision for us… most parents think either its medicine or an engineer that fetches respect and money and the rest of the options are a waste… and don’t even get me started on  institutes that make money out of education… they talk about packed schedule and slapping the kids into shape and make it sound like they can get the best result out of any kinda kid… and parents are quiet gullible and take their bait and hence starting a vicious cycle… If the child is not cut out for the subject there is instant discrimination.. These institutes treat students like a pack of cows.. they divide the herd into ones that give good milk and ones that don’t and hence breaking the child and his love for education…


Littering…. I just wish I could slap a person right across his/her face when they litter and they don’t even realize that its a pathetic habit… Out goes the lesson that we learn in primary school.Don’t you remember your teacher telling you “DO NOT LITTER ITS A BAD HABIT” .How many of us think twice before chucking the chocolate wrapper onto the road. I cant blame the uneducated cause nobody tells them its not the right thing to do, but what about us?… Even if we don’t end up doing great things for our country lets not turn it into a trash can… Think about the little things that you can do to help our country.. No matter how small the act is, if all of us make an effort we can make a difference.

Traffic-Jam-743149Traffic… Im so terrified to drive cause every driver has this chlatha hai attitude… Everybody seems like they are in a hurry when they are driving… if you have to make your way through then you have to be dominating or else you are stuck where you are… and dont get me started on rash driving… cause Iv seen people hit unbeleivably unnecessary speeds when they are driving… I mean all you need is a careless driver or a stray animal to end it all for you… and the honking… people honk like they are trying to make music… Picture this…Your stuck in a traffic jam.. theres no place to move and still you hear PaA pAa PaA PAaaaAaaaAA…… urgh!! Only if I had some kinda nuclear weopon to destroy the honkers.



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