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Rasicm or Fear!

Im in the train travelling alone from hyd to bengaluru. So Im sitting in this rat infested train counting the rats that run over my foot n then these three muslim men walk into the compartment and I for some strange reason was quiet freaked out… so they come and sit on the side birth minding their own business and by now I was shitting my brains… I didn know wat to worry about, rats or the three men… So I give up and decide to get some rest since I was quiet tired and I can never sleep in a train, so Im just lying there and was about to fall asleep and suddenly I realize that the three men were missing and their luggage was just lying there… I told myself that Im being really stupid and so I tried to calm down… 15 minutes went by and they were still missing and I just couldn take it anymore so I get down and walk all the way to the other end of the train searching for them n I couldn find them anywhere and so I wake this other guy up in my compartment and ask him if  the luggage under the seat was his and that poor fellow was all dazed and was staring at me stupid faced and Im like screaming into his face “where the hell are these three men” and he looks at me and laughs and says…..” they will come back”…. and by now I was like OMG OMG OMG  I dont want to be blown into pieces I dont want to die in a stupid train and I go scouting for them again and I find them nowhere and so I give up and get into my birth saying my prayers and then they walk in happily…. phew!!! I would ave started a communal riot if I did alert the train officials about the abandoned luggage and the three men. I felt so guilty for even thinking that, but you never know right!!!

Most terrorist attacks in India are by Al Qaida and Lashkar e Thoiba. Theres always these pictures of men with their white caps on and a beard . The minute I saw these three healthy muslim guys with beards and the white caps all I could think of is bomb blasts…. no matter how much I told myself that I was being stupid my survival instincts kicked in and I reacted. Thinking of all the racial attacks that occured in the United States after 9/11,im sure atleast 60% of those attacks were due to fear and insecurity and there has always been unnecessary hatred  and hostility that makes things even worse.Although their actions aren justifiable I think they are unavoidable.



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