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Much ado about nothing

All this noise over a temple that was alleged to be destroyed 358 years ago by a muslim king.I fail to understand why it is so hard for people to see the idiocy behind this.
358 years ago a king comes along and takes over the land, demolishes a temple and builds a mosque.The king dies and 358 years later there are riots,bloodshed,and disputes over this issue.We grew up learning to co-exist in a community but when it comes to hinduthva and islam why doesn the same apply.Babri masjid was a historical site known for its architectural marvels and was probably the only structure which could have been a symbol of secularism.
A beautiful monument known for its acoustic and cooling system and a well at its central court with water known for its medicinal qualities.  Since the mosque was built over a temple the pillars of the structure were alleged to have images of ‘mukut-dhari dwarpal’ and ‘devakanyas’ and the dome structure with its minarets and arcades which were predominant among the muslim structures. A monument that could have been a symbol of peace and co-existence was instead treated as a disputed structure.Both communities have been fighting to claim the structure as theres since 1853 ultimately leading to its demolition.
Its a shame to see that no amount of time cures this madness.We dont learn from our mistakes but we are foolish enough to make things even worse.Wev been silent spectators to a massacre and blasphemy and every hindu who is proud of this act should be ashamed of himself and shame on all those muslims who went around hacking hindus who probably were not even involved in the demolition.Why dont people see that no matter what form you worship god, you still are worshiping the supreme power that created this world… that created us.When you destroy a place of worship no matter what kind, you are still sinning.
Its not religion that is the problem its “The Mans Ego” and will go on forever.No matter how long the Liberhan Commission takes to find the culprits behind this, its still a disaster that can never be reversed. The whole issue needs to be buried deep and never be talked about… its a waste of time and money.

**source of information:Wikipedia


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