Love Sex aur Dhoka-Review

Ok, I know there are loads o reviews of the movie out there and I dont have to write one. But I am writing this only because I was uber excited about this movie. First of all, applause for Mr. Dibakar… cause I think its a revolution for our movie industry to name a movie with the word sex in it and not have the shiv seniks or the women organizations pounding on theaters.As expected the title Love Sex aur Dhokha worked like a charm. 90% of the theater was filled with men when I watched it, and I knew they would be thoroughly disappointing if they were expecting soft porn.
Iv read a couple of reviews for the movie before writing my own and most of them were raving about how wonderful the movie is.My perspective.. dont expect the movie to be brilliant. Its a low budget movie and a home video production type movie is not an original concept. Like all home video productions.. even this movie seems to slack off and drag on a bit. If your expecting an awesome story you will be disappointed again.. cause the three stories.. that were brilliantly interlinked by the way.. are quite predictable. Whats commendable is how these three stories are plotted and merged at the end and the actors were brilliant. Its always a joy to watch a movie with actors who can actually emote and not be over dramatic.
Overall, its a movie that involves oodles of talent and is worth watching. Its a simple movie and certainly not the kind that will make you wanna kill yourself for watching it.



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2 responses to “Love Sex aur Dhoka-Review

  1. Daring but nothing extraordinary. Well written.

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