I confess…

I wake up in the morning and there is something wrong but I do not remember what , a while later all the thoughts come rushing back to me, giving me a reason to be sad. It feels like my stomach has been tied into a knot and my heart turns into a lump in my throat. I wanna scream my lungs out at everything that is moving around.. even if it is a harmless moth flying around in my room trying to find its way out. But I cant, cause if I do I cross over to this place of madness from which there might be no recovery. Thats when I notice my dear little friend calling out to me. I take a little in my palm and
sniff it… one nice long deep breath.. it feels like an apparition … away from the hum drum and off to a cottage with a river in the backyard, overseeing snow capped mountains. It could be unhealthy .. but what the hell.. it is my de-stresser. Bless the guy who worked up the formula for Vicks Vaporub. The lovely comphory smell seems to go right through to my brain and sooth it. Its an addiction and if they had rehab centers for it.. I would have needed one. The lovely blue green bottle is my elixir and I confess I go no where without it. 🙂



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2 responses to “I confess…

  1. beyondrecall

    J…must kills vicks!!

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