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When your life is a long sabbatical

To be honest that was all I wished for. I wished my life would be a long holiday with nothing to worry about, no deadlines to meet or no stress to deal with. I would be happy to be a big fat lazy cat that lounges on a sofa all day with no purpose in life.. much like Garfield.Now I dearly wish god could have ignored me.

Its been a year since Iv been on a holiday. I am a dentist who works in the evenings so I have half the day all for me. Now I wish I had a job that kept me on my feet till I forget I exist and I hope I could come back home exhausted, so I can slip into a deep dreamless sleep the minute my head lands on the pillow. I also wish to have a job that does not involve bad breath and putrefied chewed food between teeth.

It feels like I am in a huge bubble that keeps me frozen, but keeps me aware of the world that is rushing by, almost like a coma. Oh I dislike Sundays so much.. to have a holiday when your already on a holiday drives you nuts.. trust me!

All you guys who work all day and have nothing else to do but work. I am jealous o you guys. I never thought I would say that.



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