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Treasure Hunt for us book lovers!!

Technology is certainly a blessing, we are pampered and turned into lazy lumps with every passing year. We wanna buy something, apply for a job, write to a friend, invite people for a party… everything is a click away. These days you can just sit on your bottom and offend all your friends and also make new ones in a jiffy.

As much as I love all of this, all the kindles, I pads and e books that are released into the world scare my bookworm soul to death. What if the publishing companies go out of business eventually, and stop making books with those crispy crunchy ooo sooo lovely smelling papers? Oh how much I dislike reading books on a screen.

But then, I bumped into a site the other day and I was jumping with joy, cause people…. believe me… this one is a blessing from techno god.

If you have a whole cupboard full of books and you dont know how to give them away. Here is a solution for it. You can simply pass it onto a stranger and also keep track of where your book is. All you have to do is inscribe or label a book

( they have labels that u can download off the site) and leave it at a public place.(preferably at coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, food courts.etc.) and hopefully a stranger who loves books picks it up. He/She has the book with the BCID number on the book, and instructions to go to the site and enter the BCID number.Here is what you do,

Select a book off your shelf

Go to and sign up.

Register your book at

Release your book at
this is where you give in the details about the location you want to leave your book at, along with the timings.

Voila!! you will be notified when some one finds your book and enters the BCID number on the site,for all you know you could find it in a different country. Its quiet likely that somebody could just find the book and not do anything about it. But I totally love the idea. Its like sending out messages of love to the world 🙂

You can also look out for books that have been released in your city. It cant get any better then this 🙂



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