My Dear Darling Friends!

If there is anything that I miss the most in my life, it is school. When I make those occasional visits to our school premises I have an acute attack of nostalgia, and it is way too overwhelming for it to fade away soon. It stays with me for days and I can’t help but relive all those wonderful moments.
I remember this certain someone who wanted to be a terrorist, who by the way had the capacity to cry and make a pool of water that can drown an ant, and who was a notorious biter 😀 . I remember the loudest one among us who was also a teachers pet. 🙂 I can never forget the time when love was in the air and boys would ask girls out for dates and I will always remember the drama that followed. 😉
I can go on forever about our random acts of silliness. I refuse to accept the fact that we are all grown up. Even if most of us are stepping into wedlock, I still believe we are those crazy, silly, teenagers at heart. I love you all so much cause you all still make me smile. No matter how many “battles” we fought against each other we still managed to be friends and will be forever.
For all my mates who are getting hitched soon, here is an excerpt from an article that I would love to share with you guys. Wise Words by a Wise Man which I hope will help you.

Marriage is serious business. It is not child’s play. It comes with responsibilities. Putting it quite simply, it is a lot of give and take – more give and take.
Build your partnership on the firm foundation of friendship.Be each other’s best friend. Friendship can only be between equals, where there is mutual love, warmth and respect. No one is superior or inferior. Understand that husband and wife both have a role to play. Their roles are not interchangeable. A woman must not try to become a man and vice versa. There must be total loyalty, trust and confidence in each other. No selfishness and petty ego issues here. Remember the other must come first – always and every time
Learn to cheerfully bear the pinpricks that your respective family members may give you from time to time. Learn to be patient with all. Learn to be tolerant and forgiving.
There is no easy way out of difficulties. Face the challenges of life with maturity and dignity. Successful marriages are based on mutual love and understanding. Lots of it.
May yours be a truly successfull marriage.
One last word. Never go to sleep on a quarrel.

Always In My Thoughts!



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10 responses to “My Dear Darling Friends!

  1. Satya Gunnam

    Funny and heavy at the same time ! Well written ! A good trip down memory lane for me. Thx

    • moicache

      Thank you Murthy!! I had gone to the shiv mandir the other day and since then Iv been missing school pretty bad.. Those were blissful days!! 🙂

  2. biswajit chakraborty

    heart balloons still scare me!lol thank you for reminding me that life was simple and beautiful once..

    • moicache

      My sincere apologies for your phobia Mr.B 🙂
      LOL I was gonna mention heart balloon but I chose not to!! 🙂 it makes a fine memory though 🙂

  3. Terrorist….Wonder who that person is ?? Smart fellow…

  4. jayan

    sharing.. caring.. giving.. receiving… 😛

    • moicache

      Im guessing you skimmed through the last portion of the post 🙂
      Although I am much obliged you took some time off your precious schedule to skim through my post your royal highness 🙂

  5. biswajit chakraborty

    it sure does! take care

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