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My Dear Darling Friends!

If there is anything that I miss the most in my life, it is school. When I make those occasional visits to our school premises I have an acute attack of nostalgia, and it is way too overwhelming for it to fade away soon. It stays with me for days and I can’t help but relive all those wonderful moments.
I remember this certain someone who wanted to be a terrorist, who by the way had the capacity to cry and make a pool of water that can drown an ant, and who was a notorious biter 😀 . I remember the loudest one among us who was also a teachers pet. 🙂 I can never forget the time when love was in the air and boys would ask girls out for dates and I will always remember the drama that followed. 😉
I can go on forever about our random acts of silliness. I refuse to accept the fact that we are all grown up. Even if most of us are stepping into wedlock, I still believe we are those crazy, silly, teenagers at heart. I love you all so much cause you all still make me smile. No matter how many “battles” we fought against each other we still managed to be friends and will be forever.
For all my mates who are getting hitched soon, here is an excerpt from an article that I would love to share with you guys. Wise Words by a Wise Man which I hope will help you.

Marriage is serious business. It is not child’s play. It comes with responsibilities. Putting it quite simply, it is a lot of give and take – more give and take.
Build your partnership on the firm foundation of friendship.Be each other’s best friend. Friendship can only be between equals, where there is mutual love, warmth and respect. No one is superior or inferior. Understand that husband and wife both have a role to play. Their roles are not interchangeable. A woman must not try to become a man and vice versa. There must be total loyalty, trust and confidence in each other. No selfishness and petty ego issues here. Remember the other must come first – always and every time
Learn to cheerfully bear the pinpricks that your respective family members may give you from time to time. Learn to be patient with all. Learn to be tolerant and forgiving.
There is no easy way out of difficulties. Face the challenges of life with maturity and dignity. Successful marriages are based on mutual love and understanding. Lots of it.
May yours be a truly successfull marriage.
One last word. Never go to sleep on a quarrel.

Always In My Thoughts!



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Treasure Hunt for us book lovers!!

Technology is certainly a blessing, we are pampered and turned into lazy lumps with every passing year. We wanna buy something, apply for a job, write to a friend, invite people for a party… everything is a click away. These days you can just sit on your bottom and offend all your friends and also make new ones in a jiffy.

As much as I love all of this, all the kindles, I pads and e books that are released into the world scare my bookworm soul to death. What if the publishing companies go out of business eventually, and stop making books with those crispy crunchy ooo sooo lovely smelling papers? Oh how much I dislike reading books on a screen.

But then, I bumped into a site the other day and I was jumping with joy, cause people…. believe me… this one is a blessing from techno god.

If you have a whole cupboard full of books and you dont know how to give them away. Here is a solution for it. You can simply pass it onto a stranger and also keep track of where your book is. All you have to do is inscribe or label a book

( they have labels that u can download off the site) and leave it at a public place.(preferably at coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, food courts.etc.) and hopefully a stranger who loves books picks it up. He/She has the book with the BCID number on the book, and instructions to go to the site and enter the BCID number.Here is what you do,

Select a book off your shelf

Go to and sign up.

Register your book at

Release your book at
this is where you give in the details about the location you want to leave your book at, along with the timings.

Voila!! you will be notified when some one finds your book and enters the BCID number on the site,for all you know you could find it in a different country. Its quiet likely that somebody could just find the book and not do anything about it. But I totally love the idea. Its like sending out messages of love to the world 🙂

You can also look out for books that have been released in your city. It cant get any better then this 🙂


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The Secret

My love for books started with adventure novels and I was never ready to experiment with other genre of books.’The Secret‘ is a self help book and I thought self help books were too preachy.This book was recommended by many people and I always wondered what the deal was.I would go book shopping and ‘the Secret‘ would be looming in the background,I noticed it, but never had the desire to buy it.But one day my curiosity got the better of me and so I finally picked it up.

The Secret‘ deals with positive thinking.To me it did not sound very preachy, although I was a little skeptical about the concept of law of attraction at the beginning.But, by the time I was done with the book,I must admit that I was in love with the concept.

The law of attraction talks about how you can attract an object, a situation or a person into your life.As a student of Vedanta I realize how powerful a human mind is.It can make you or break you.My belief in the law of attraction was strengthened, because it is a concept that is very closely related to our Hindu Philosophy.

In the section ‘The Secret To You‘ the authors talk about how the universe and the conscious principle(our soul) are not different from one another.

We’re all connected.We just don’t see it.There isn’t an “out there” and an “in here”.Everything in the universe is connected.It is just one energy field.

– John Assaraf ‘The secret’

Our Vedantic philosophy believes in the same… Mahavakya’s are the great declarations of the supreme truth.Tat Tvam Asi‘ is one of the four Mahavakya’s . Tat Tvam Asi declares that, the human core(ie. the true nature of a man or the soul) is the same as the supreme consciousness (called ‘the universe’ in the secret)

The secret makes this complex concept sound magical.Everybody has their own way of dealing with life’s situations.No matter which way, we all know how important it is to be positive.If you believe that there are powers in this world that exist, even if not visible to the naked eye.You believe that there is magic/supreme power out there that is the cause of our existence.You will understand what ‘the secret‘ is about.

Read it and believe in it and it might just turn your life around.


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Love Sex aur Dhoka-Review

Ok, I know there are loads o reviews of the movie out there and I dont have to write one. But I am writing this only because I was uber excited about this movie. First of all, applause for Mr. Dibakar… cause I think its a revolution for our movie industry to name a movie with the word sex in it and not have the shiv seniks or the women organizations pounding on theaters.As expected the title Love Sex aur Dhokha worked like a charm. 90% of the theater was filled with men when I watched it, and I knew they would be thoroughly disappointing if they were expecting soft porn.
Iv read a couple of reviews for the movie before writing my own and most of them were raving about how wonderful the movie is.My perspective.. dont expect the movie to be brilliant. Its a low budget movie and a home video production type movie is not an original concept. Like all home video productions.. even this movie seems to slack off and drag on a bit. If your expecting an awesome story you will be disappointed again.. cause the three stories.. that were brilliantly interlinked by the way.. are quite predictable. Whats commendable is how these three stories are plotted and merged at the end and the actors were brilliant. Its always a joy to watch a movie with actors who can actually emote and not be over dramatic.
Overall, its a movie that involves oodles of talent and is worth watching. Its a simple movie and certainly not the kind that will make you wanna kill yourself for watching it.


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Rasicm or Fear!

Im in the train travelling alone from hyd to bengaluru. So Im sitting in this rat infested train counting the rats that run over my foot n then these three muslim men walk into the compartment and I for some strange reason was quiet freaked out… so they come and sit on the side birth minding their own business and by now I was shitting my brains… I didn know wat to worry about, rats or the three men… So I give up and decide to get some rest since I was quiet tired and I can never sleep in a train, so Im just lying there and was about to fall asleep and suddenly I realize that the three men were missing and their luggage was just lying there… I told myself that Im being really stupid and so I tried to calm down… 15 minutes went by and they were still missing and I just couldn take it anymore so I get down and walk all the way to the other end of the train searching for them n I couldn find them anywhere and so I wake this other guy up in my compartment and ask him if  the luggage under the seat was his and that poor fellow was all dazed and was staring at me stupid faced and Im like screaming into his face “where the hell are these three men” and he looks at me and laughs and says…..” they will come back”…. and by now I was like OMG OMG OMG  I dont want to be blown into pieces I dont want to die in a stupid train and I go scouting for them again and I find them nowhere and so I give up and get into my birth saying my prayers and then they walk in happily…. phew!!! I would ave started a communal riot if I did alert the train officials about the abandoned luggage and the three men. I felt so guilty for even thinking that, but you never know right!!!

Most terrorist attacks in India are by Al Qaida and Lashkar e Thoiba. Theres always these pictures of men with their white caps on and a beard . The minute I saw these three healthy muslim guys with beards and the white caps all I could think of is bomb blasts…. no matter how much I told myself that I was being stupid my survival instincts kicked in and I reacted. Thinking of all the racial attacks that occured in the United States after 9/11,im sure atleast 60% of those attacks were due to fear and insecurity and there has always been unnecessary hatred  and hostility that makes things even worse.Although their actions aren justifiable I think they are unavoidable.


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This video made me so happy!!! This was a promotional act for a belgium television show… 200 dancers just walk into a railway station and start dancing!!

This video will surely make you smile no matter how crappy your mood is!!


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Looking forward to watch….

Aishwarya Rai and Shreya saran in hollywood movies.

Im one big fan of Aishwarya Rai.. though she could be a lousy actor sometimes… I cant wait to watch her in The Last Legion.. well my cousin says the movie is super lame… but what the hell, its ash…

Shreya Saran in THE OTHER END OF THE LINE as an Indian girl working in a call center and who falls in love with an american… she’s a brilliant actor and the trailor seems quiet fun….

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