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My Dear Darling Friends!

If there is anything that I miss the most in my life, it is school. When I make those occasional visits to our school premises I have an acute attack of nostalgia, and it is way too overwhelming for it to fade away soon. It stays with me for days and I can’t help but relive all those wonderful moments.
I remember this certain someone who wanted to be a terrorist, who by the way had the capacity to cry and make a pool of water that can drown an ant, and who was a notorious biter 😀 . I remember the loudest one among us who was also a teachers pet. 🙂 I can never forget the time when love was in the air and boys would ask girls out for dates and I will always remember the drama that followed. 😉
I can go on forever about our random acts of silliness. I refuse to accept the fact that we are all grown up. Even if most of us are stepping into wedlock, I still believe we are those crazy, silly, teenagers at heart. I love you all so much cause you all still make me smile. No matter how many “battles” we fought against each other we still managed to be friends and will be forever.
For all my mates who are getting hitched soon, here is an excerpt from an article that I would love to share with you guys. Wise Words by a Wise Man which I hope will help you.

Marriage is serious business. It is not child’s play. It comes with responsibilities. Putting it quite simply, it is a lot of give and take – more give and take.
Build your partnership on the firm foundation of friendship.Be each other’s best friend. Friendship can only be between equals, where there is mutual love, warmth and respect. No one is superior or inferior. Understand that husband and wife both have a role to play. Their roles are not interchangeable. A woman must not try to become a man and vice versa. There must be total loyalty, trust and confidence in each other. No selfishness and petty ego issues here. Remember the other must come first – always and every time
Learn to cheerfully bear the pinpricks that your respective family members may give you from time to time. Learn to be patient with all. Learn to be tolerant and forgiving.
There is no easy way out of difficulties. Face the challenges of life with maturity and dignity. Successful marriages are based on mutual love and understanding. Lots of it.
May yours be a truly successfull marriage.
One last word. Never go to sleep on a quarrel.

Always In My Thoughts!



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My Inspiration My Guru!!

Dr. Padmashri Ananda Shankar Jayanth a renowned Bharatnatyam/Kuchipudi Dancer… My guru and a guardian angel for many of us who love and have a lot to learn from Dance. We lovingly call her akka.

Akka is the happiest person Iv ever been around.She lights up a room the minute she walks in and when she is teaching us, there is so much energy among us… everybody’s feet stamp harder to the rhythm and its a beautiful combination of music without instruments and dance. She watches us with an eagles eye, correcting every minuscule flaw that a student makes even if we are in large numbers. She makes our learning experience an absolute joy. There is so much to learn from her apart from dance.

She calls herself the conqueror of cancer… any other person would have been shattered if they knew they had cancer. But akka did not let cancer take her over.. she fought it and she danced her way through therapy. Makes me wonder if dance has healing powers and gives me hope that nothing in life is impossible.

She works her way through any predicament with such elan and poise. Even if her schedule is packed (which would drive anybody else insane) she still has time for perfection and everything is planned and well organized.Shes a true example of the power woman. She’s an employee and a professional dancer and the worlds best teacher.

I am one of the many lucky students who was blessed with the opportunity to dance with akka in her troupe. Dancing tales… Panchatantra was premiered in Hyderabad at Shilpakala Vedika in 2006. When I watched the show, I fell in love with the production and my love for dance was rekindled. Little did I know that four years later I would be performing in the same production. I was overjoyed when akka told me I could be part of this humongous production.

Dancing tales… Panchatantra was one of the many productions of akka’s which appeals to a wide range of audience. A dance theater production… with a blend of many dance forms. Its amazing how a human body can be used to express and tell a story. With brilliant music composition, beautiful movements and costumes.. the five famous stories of Panchatantra unravel on the stage mesmerizing the viewers.

It took 37 dancers to make this production this year. It was like a huge party. Akka made sure that none of us missed a beat and taught us to move with the rhythm and let the music play through us.

We were all too excited to have a stage fright. It was the adrenaline rush that kept us going. Personally it was a true spiritual experience for me. Once you step on to that stage your mind is so calm and bereft of million thoughts that always run through your head and all you see are the lights on the stage and the pitch dark auditorium behind the lights. It felt like as if I was looking into eternal space. All you hear and feel is the music and your body swing and sway to it. I am so thankful to akka for this awesome experience.


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One Year Older :)

I get so excited a month before my birthday and I make sure I grill all my friends to remember the date.I have recurring nightmares that people would forget that its MY BIRTHDAY!!! Its a big deal.You know what! I wish it was a public holiday. 😀

I grew up celebrating my Birthdays on a big scale.There would be 2 sets of new clothes,lot o chocolates to take to school,a party in the evening with lots o people,balloons,cake,candles,gift wrapped gifts and wide spread of desserts and return gifts. Then, I turned 13 and suddenly I am all grown up for a celebration(sigh!) I am gonna have all of that, no matter how old I am at least once in my life time(even if that makes me look like a self absorbed narcissist) 😉

Have you ever felt like the world around you is zipping by and you are a spectator, watching time rush by. It always feels like that around this time of the year. Ive had 25 years of experience in this world and I don’t know if I am wise enough for a 25 year old. Some part of me refuses to grow up. I wake up everyday and fall in love with so many things and I’m scared I will stop loving them someday.In simpler words… I’m perpetually scared I will turn into an old granny too early. 😀

I was never sure what I wanted to be as a grown up. Kids usually would say ‘I wanna be a doctor’ or ‘I wanna be a scientist’ or ‘a pirate’ or something. All I knew was that ‘I did not wanna be a doctor’ but I wanted to be famous..(it was my lil secret) :)…just simply famous. Ah! its so much easier in my dreams.But today… I don’t even know if people would notice if I disappear one day. Oh my! I sound so morbid :D… K it might not be that bad, but yeah.. I’m not famous ‘YET’ 🙂

I’m certainly not a big fan of growing up.. well who is. I wake up everyday telling myself, that I’m going to be a cheerful and loving person today, and some days it is easy to be that person, but it seems to be getting harder and harder to be like that… its almost a challenge. Well,life’s never easy I guess, if anything it keeps getting tough.But the point is… here I am dealing with problems in life as gracefully as I can. I have survived all the tough patches and made it this far.. unimpaired. 🙂 and its cause o the love and support I get from every single person I know in my life.
Love you all tons!!!


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My take on arranged marriages!!

The cause for undivided and unwanted attention when you turn 23 and loads of embarrassment. I’m so glad I’m off the radar and hence I see how hilarious the process could be.I’m not saying arranged marriages could never work, but I find the concept of marriage being arranged both amusing and scary. Amusing cause you suddenly find out that you have a huge family, cause everybody takes it upon themselves to search for your partner.Everybody wants to play a major role to marry you off to a stranger, which is the scary part.

When you finish with your teen years and step into your 20’s, it hits you so hard that you are no more a teenager.. and it only gets worse every year after that… and when you turn 23 or maybe 24 you have more to worry about then aging.Your entire family, even the ones on the other side of the earth pound on you like a pack of wolves.

Places of Attack-

Family get together s- you being the only source of entertainment for the evening.

Weddings – You are introduced to all mothers with unwed sons and your bio data is shared… by the end of all this you feel like a leather bag being scrutinized before your bought.

or for that matter any visit you make, you are always badgered by prospective mother- in- laws. I mean if you’re trying so hard to get your son married off there seriously must be something creepy about him.

When you go out shopping, say for your shoes, you would make sure you like the color, you see if it matches your clothes or not… right.Strangely arranged marriages seem much like shopping to me.

First the families meet and after brief discussions of how good and brilliant their children are, there is swapping of photographs and bio data.Photographs taken in studios all photo shopped to make him/her look fair or to cut the weight or to cover those blemishes.Bio data which is nothing but a resume.

Information is shared with family members and possible conversation would be.

“Oh!The boy doesn’t look so fair”

The formula about the color would be

Fair boy + Fair girl = Fair offspring

“Oh nooo… Iv seen the boy he is fair enough and his parents are such nice people”

Yeah right! It wont take long to realize that it’s a whole load o bull

“The boy has done his masters in the US he is presently working and earning in dollars.He’s a nice boy”

I can never understand how niceness is compared to degrees a person holds in United States or how much he earns.

Then comes the part where the boy and girl meet.Since we live in the 21st century for some bizarre reason families think they should meet up in a restaurant or a bakery. The family meets, all sit at the same table make some small talk, then the girl and boy are allowed to sit at a separate table. At this point they are given a couple of minutes to decide whether they could live with each other for life , but strangely the conversation is about jobs and salaries … ends up sounding like a job interview but who cares.Meanwhile the family is ranting about their kids and how irresponsible kids can be in this generation and how different their kids are or are saying good things about each other and making each other happy.

The respective kundalis are passed on to a wise man who can tell if the planetary arrangements are conducive. He looks at the stars and tells the family if their kids will end up screwing each others happiness or not.

If the planets co-operate then two phone calls later BHAM!!! the girl and boy exchange phone numbers and there are long conversations all night while the wedding dates are fixed by the wise man.

Fast and a half years or in some cases half a year later .. the girl and boy have enough greens and they would have popped out a baby that is healthy with brilliant genes and also fair . A perfectly engineered plan with a successful product.

I think its time they change the protocol.


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Long Distance Relationship-not a big deal!!

If you ask people about LDR …  most would say …

“What why would you do that to yourself”

“I would rather stay single”

“All the fun stuff is missing, but instead you would have the cribbing and the nagging … NO WAY!!”

Well, guess what… It ain’t rocket science and you will figure a way out if its worth the try. I don’t intend to be preachy.  Just hoping to tell you all, that it is not impossible to make it work. I hope this post helps all my friends out there who think a million times before getting into a LDR 🙂 …

Dos :

Communication being the life line for a LDR we realize that technology is a blessing in situations like these.Skype him/her it’s certainly cheaper than phone calls and more fun if you have a web cam . You will never run out of conversations if you make sure you talk about everything, discuss the weather if you have to. What really matters is, even when your apart your letting him/her be a part of your life. Make sure you talk every single day . Never hesitate to tell him/her that you care.

Mail him/her an E- card or songs that you think will make him/her smile .

Personalized gifts or writing letters which is never done in this time and age of technology will be a great idea.. it works like a charm.

Donts :

Do not expect him/her to have long conversations over the phone every single day.Life keeps everyone busy and an occasional short talk will do you no harm. Give some space.

Do not be clingy.If he/she wants to do something and you are not pleased with it, tell him/her that it bothers you but do not try to drive the point home   ( when on LDR it makes things worse)

Trust issues will kill your relationship before you know it, so if you think you could never trust him/her than forget it – don’t even think long distance relationship will work. It will die a quick death even before you know it.

Do not scream and yell at each other cause you do it once and you will do it all your life. Screaming and cursing will lead to hurting ego’s and once hurt the wound never really heals it always back fires. If your having problems try not to get emotional and dramatic.. simply talk it out.

LDR is a package deal. It can be the best thing that happened to you if it works out awesome. Every single time you meet it feels like a first date and you certainly have an opportunity to learn more about a person. The flip side would be mild depression, a want to be violent, might occasionally make you feel like an animal or wish you were one (if you know what I mean;) ), day dreaming and possible psychosis 😀

When you meet the right person all of the above dos and donts will be a cake walk.When you both care for each other it is easier to compromise and understand each other. It’s easier to fight ego and easier to deal with the side effects of LDR.  Dont hesitate to give it a try when you think it might just work


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Much ado about nothing

All this noise over a temple that was alleged to be destroyed 358 years ago by a muslim king.I fail to understand why it is so hard for people to see the idiocy behind this.
358 years ago a king comes along and takes over the land, demolishes a temple and builds a mosque.The king dies and 358 years later there are riots,bloodshed,and disputes over this issue.We grew up learning to co-exist in a community but when it comes to hinduthva and islam why doesn the same apply.Babri masjid was a historical site known for its architectural marvels and was probably the only structure which could have been a symbol of secularism.
A beautiful monument known for its acoustic and cooling system and a well at its central court with water known for its medicinal qualities.  Since the mosque was built over a temple the pillars of the structure were alleged to have images of ‘mukut-dhari dwarpal’ and ‘devakanyas’ and the dome structure with its minarets and arcades which were predominant among the muslim structures. A monument that could have been a symbol of peace and co-existence was instead treated as a disputed structure.Both communities have been fighting to claim the structure as theres since 1853 ultimately leading to its demolition.
Its a shame to see that no amount of time cures this madness.We dont learn from our mistakes but we are foolish enough to make things even worse.Wev been silent spectators to a massacre and blasphemy and every hindu who is proud of this act should be ashamed of himself and shame on all those muslims who went around hacking hindus who probably were not even involved in the demolition.Why dont people see that no matter what form you worship god, you still are worshiping the supreme power that created this world… that created us.When you destroy a place of worship no matter what kind, you are still sinning.
Its not religion that is the problem its “The Mans Ego” and will go on forever.No matter how long the Liberhan Commission takes to find the culprits behind this, its still a disaster that can never be reversed. The whole issue needs to be buried deep and never be talked about… its a waste of time and money.

**source of information:Wikipedia

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The Shoe Throwers!!

Its a shame, how we learn such wrong doings from the outside world and we learn zilch about what to do to help our country  develop further. Why don’t we learn to keep our country neat like other countries do?, why do we succumb to corruption when we know that even if it does help us to get our work done it still impedes the development of our country? But NO, we learn to beat up couples on Valentine’s day, from cowards striving to rule the world imposing the Sharia Law and punishing people for “uncultured acts”.. we learn to throw shoes at our leaders since a journalist becomes famous for what he did…


Muntadar al-Zaidi an Iraqi journalist hurls a shoe at George W Bush and hence setting a chain of other shoe throwing incidents. Within few minutes there were games up on the net… bush shoe game, bush shoe attack game, bush shoe hit game, bush shoe game download. And Muntadar al-Zaidi was worshiped and was famous overnight. He has been jailed for 3 years.


Consequences : Shoe attack on P.Chidambaram, because a sikh Journalist was upset Jagdish Tytler was given a clean chit by the CBI ( well Jagdish tytler was dropped as a congress candidate and Mr. Singh walks away with no punishment) and now people think it’s a joke. A retd school teacher throws a shoe at cong MP in Haryana. There was no reason behind this attack and hence the man was labeled mentally deranged and he gets away with it. A “mentally disturbed” local party worker hurls a shoe at L.K.Advani , and on April 26th an engineering student hurls a shoe at Manmohan Singh cause he claims he wanted his five minutes of fame.

It’s sad that we do nothing to stop such shameful acts. Most of our leaders could be corrupt and could have made blunders at some point in their service, that doesn’t mean we need to throw shoes at them. Leaders like L.K Advani , P.Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh are still respectable leaders who work for our country. I hope India is more concerned about incidents like these, then being ‘o so upset’ about IPL matches being conducted in South Africa.


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